Author Topic: I Sacrifice Cocks Every 3 Days For My Rings To Be Potent: Lagos Pickpocket  (Read 148 times)

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You just can't make this shit up:

According to the New Telegraph: A 25 year old pickpocket was arrested by the Lagos State Anti-Robbery Squad who confessed: He sacrificed cocks every 3 days for his magic rings that he wears to remain potent.

“An Alfa (an Islamic cleric) gave the rings to me.  When we met at Alaba Rago market in early November, where I went to smoke Indian hemp, the Islamic cleric also came to smoke Indian hemp. While we were discussing, he told me that I looked like a street boy. He said rather than subjecting myself to so much suffering, that he could help me get rich, by giving me something that would better my life without stress.

“Initially I thought it was money ritual, surprisingly he brought out two rings and asked me to meet him at a secluded place. When we eventually met, he brought two cocks, alligator pepper and other ingredients. He then killed the cocks and poured the blood on the rings and mixed part of the blood with other ingredients. He said some incantations and poured the mixed concoction on the rings.  As he was doing that, he kept mentioning my name on the rings.

“At the end of the sacrifice, he gave me the two rings and charged me N50,000 for his services. But I told him I did not have such amount of money with me and I promised to pay him more than that when the rings would start fetching money for me. He agreed and left.”

On the whereabouts of the Islamic cleric that gave him the ring, Francis said he is yet to see the Islamic cleric who told him he will collect the money for the ring ritual after he returns from a trip to his hometown in Togo.
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